Pre Filter

Fine Filter – I                               Fine Filter – II                                     Fine Filter - III

Secondary Fine Filter

The Secondary Fine Filters are made of made from hi-quality non woven synthetic felt (Needle punched filter media) supported by HDPE wire mesh, suitable for arresting 5 micron of dust present in the environment.

Our Fine Filters are stringently made as per G.D. method to provide maximum filtration area and a better shelf life as compared to others. The filter media is stitched and pleated together to provide maximum filtration area in the space provided & finally housed in a metal frame. The Fine Filters of AFI are fully washable / cleanable and conforms to ASHRAE 52.2/EN779.


Fine Filters are specially designed for high efficiency filtration and is extensively applied in all pharmaceuticals, hospitals, computer installations, fertilizers plants, central AC plants and ventilation systems. It is compulsorily used as - ‘Pre Filters’ to ‘HEPA Filters’